Stop over-paying for credit card processing.

25% Average Savings: We're able to negotiate significantly better credit card processing rates compared to what you can get on your own because we’re able to pool all our clients together and negotiate collectively. And we pass these savings directly to you. We save our clients an average of 25% per month in credit card processing fees. For most of our clients, that works out to be about $400-$600 per year in savings.
Transparent Pricing Model: We've negotiated an "Interchange Plus" pricing model for all our clients, instead of the popular "Flat Rate" pricing model. This means you get access to the lowest possible interchange rate, for each transaction (ie, what the actual credit card company charges you, plus a set margin). Ultimately, this means you pay less in fees, 25% average savings every month.
No-Cost Terminal Placement: A terminal will be loaned to you at no cost.
No Contract, No Cancellation Fees: Month-to-month service with only a 30-day notice required to close the account.
Get $199 PremPage credit after using PremPage booking & payment processing for 90 days.

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