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Rafa Orlando Owner

Hi,  I'm Rafaela Orlando ( like “Rafael” from the ninja turtles but with an A at the end lol).

I’m an Internationally published Pro Makeup Artist & Educator based in the Dallas Metroplex and owner of BeautyByRafa Luxury Makeup Studio & Academy. Our studio is located in Plano.

My goal is to focus on beautiful radiant skin to bring your beauty forward by enhancing your natural features.

As I built my business I discovered my other passion for teaching, which led me to creating an amazing Coaching program for Aspiring Artists.  We focus on not only teaching you the craft and master the skills of Makeup Artistry, but also starting your Makeup business from scratch and turning your passion into income.

I was born in Brazil, but grew up in sunny South Florida. I made the move to Texas in 2010 and have been here since.

I have always loved the art of Makeup and it has always fascinated me.

My grandfather was an extremely talented sculptor who made beautiful art that even today is admired in many places in our city and churches. My grandmother can literally do anything art related with the utmost perfection from sewing beautiful gowns, wedding cakes, paintings you name it. She was the director of an art school for over 20 years.

I realized if I wanted to be happy in my professional life I would have to dive right in and do what I was passionate about. My dream was to be a makeup artist so i quit my job, started my business right after and never looked back.

I started my business out of my house and have grown to a 2,000 sqft Studio.

There really is no better feeling in the world than doing what you love.

I wake up everyday knowing that all my hard work and long hours is being put into a business I’m building that i’m passionate about and at the same time helping others achieve their goal.